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9 is Haunted With Demons of Happiness Past

Posted on Jul 15, 2010 by in data, experiment | 0 comments

Haunted by Demons, Bunnies

Or maybe it’s daunted with he-mans of hoppiness past. Mmm, hoppiness. That reminds me of bunnies and beer. Maybe Experiment 9 will be brimming with bunnies and beer. Happiness can’t predict the future with any certainty. But we know that if you’re there, you will change the experiment for the better, even if you don’t utter a word. It’s true. That’s science. Happiness is a Choice in Block Party at The New Movement at 9:30 pm on Rosewood and Poquito.
Beer binging begets big bunnies.

Beer binging begets big bunnies.

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