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2016.10.04.HIAC001A – Interview w/ Michelle Part 1

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happiness is a choice
happiness is a choice
2016.10.04.HIAC001A - Interview w/ Michelle Part 1

00:00 – pre-game: michelle starts asking tough questions about framing and our audience
00:30 – jokes about Slobodan Milošević – make sure to edit this stuff in somewhere
01:50 – we start in earnest! Michelle introduction. (cut straight in here probably)
02:30 – The use of the word “Practitioners”
03:30 – Paul talks about “practice”
03:40 – we are NOT an improv troupe
04:24 – Jeff clarifies, “Happiness is a Choice is going on at all time…”
05:11 – Michelle asks for elevator speech
05:22 – Cut Mike’s shitty timid answer out
05:38 – Cut straight to Paul’s exact answer and ensuing hilarity
06:50 – Jeff: “We are a group of scientists, we are a group of theatre performers, and we are a cult.”
07:00 – Cut to Mike: “And we’re a non-profit” and ensuing hilarity
07:22 – Michelle: “Can we back up for a second… How did you all meet each other?” Mike goes for Paul first, Polite Society tie-ins.
07:50 – Paul: “You invited me to play with Polite Society.”
08:00 – [Mike talks about boring troupe evolution stuff that is now written into narration]
08:30 – Jeff talks Ryan Brown Connection
[cut this up real good with footage from the ryan brown videos, and purple rose of cairo, and some kinda HERZOG soundbyte?? and maybe alex in waking life too]
11:42 – Paul: “Though that’s not my first memory of you…” … tries to remember how he actually met Jeff, but can’t quite recall the event… art exhibition caddycorner to the old Buenos Aires? Maybe Todd knows?
12:30 – we lose track of memory and talk about it
12:45 – Michelle asks about Jon: “Does he exist?” and we go off on a bit of a vague nelson mercury deflection
13:13 – Jeff “forgot about jon”
13:30 – Mike prompts Paul to remember the inciting coffee-shop conversation
14:35 – Mike: “What about not doing improv?”
15:00 – Paul: “The name HIAC… I ripped that off this sport’s dj…”
16:45 – Mike forgets the bringing-jon-in conspiracy and comes up with excuses
17:00 – Paul makes better excuses, “good to have a fourth”
18:10 – Michelle “rejection of improv” question. Authenticity & The Improv Marathon (Lowest Point W/ “Improv”) answer.