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8 Happened on the 8th of July (coincidence)

Posted on Jul 9, 2010 by in data, experiment | 1 comment

I: Experiment 8 was made of Jon, Paul, and Jeff.
II: It lasted 10 minutes.
III: Happiness does wish it was recorded.
IV: Experiment 8 felt like a volatile tempest of actuality in slo-mo.
V: A witness testified via text message to the program co-host that Experiment 8 was . . .

"like every conversation (he or she has) ever
had with (his or her) friends on mushrooms."

1 Comment

  1. Reportable Hypotheses Proposed (not in chronological order):

    A. It is advisable, in life, to surround one’s self with others who are more apt at representing one’s self to one’s self, than one’s self. That is, we need people in our lives to do a better job at observing our behavior and reflecting it back to us than we are able to do ourselves. Without this, we are doomed to be jerks, confusing, hypocritical, or worse, walk around with spinach caught between our teeth. We may call this the Self-Representation Deficiency Hypothesis, or alternatively, the Spinach Gap Theory.

    B. Practitioner Paul is hypothesized to be better at taking advice than receiving compliments.

    C. People often become uncomfortable when confronted with sincere praise and compliments, especially in public settings. But most of all, people easily are made uncomfortable when they feel singled out.

    D. We hypothesize that others delight when witnessing an individual delight unabashedly in their own narcissism–with the caveat, of course, that that individual’s narcissism is found to be delightful. (Warning, hypothesis d of experiment 8 suspected of tautological tendencies).

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